NatureSkills is a wilderness awareness website that beautifully combines two of our themes. The talented Jan Bosman put together this theme using Diverse and Roaming together, very creative work and a well executed job that fits the style of the site perfectly.

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Icon Toucan


IconToucan is an amazing use of the Knowledgebase Theme. We were incredibly impressed with the modification work carried out by the talen of a young designer Elliot Forde. On top of that, he’s made a very useful collection of Icons that you could actually use with your themes. Make sure you check out the site to appreciate the work for yourself.

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DD&AG Digital and Mobile Development Agency is built using Work & Play Gray. We love that they’ve used the theme as intended, it’s a perfect example of making the theme work for you and your content, combining both the blogging, and the portfolio aspects of the theme well.

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Modern Legal

Modern Legal - Powered by Roaming

Modern Legal is a beautiful modification made by Chris Hamze, who was also the winner of our iPad give-away. Chris has used the Roaming theme, and made some sweet modifications so that it has more of a standard blog layout to it. Really simple idea, well pulled off, a great looking website.

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Oakes Design

Oakes Design - Powered by SnapBlog

Oakes Design blew me away when I saw it. I think it’s such a clever use of our SnapBlog theme, plus on top of that there’s some great content, and beautiful post images. It’s a great example of what can be achieved, combining all of the SnapBlog elements to create a fantastic blog, a beautiful portfolio and a really useful archive page. It’s really exciting to see such awesome modifications making good use of our themes, make sure you submit yours.

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Inspiring Mag


Inspiring Mag is a blog made for all sorts of creative inspiration. They’ve used our Personalize theme beautifully, combining beautiful titles and typography with great content and images. There’s a simplistic and beautiful charm to the website & definitely worth a browse.

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Hein Maas


Hein Maas is a freelance graphic & web designer. He’s used the Practical soft-blue variation to show off his latest and greatest work, using all of the features such as image sliders and testimonials as an ideal home for his portfolio.

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TV Contributors

TV Contributors - Powered by SnapBlog

TV Contributors uses our SnapBlog theme very well. Even though it’s not the heaviest modification going, it is nicely implemented, and we love how it’s being used. They’ve took advantage of the layout of the theme to create some beautiful custom pages.

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Scarlet Hope


Scarlet Hope is a beautiful site put together using our Roaming theme. They’ve done a great job of altering the design to suit there needs, but keeping lots of the sweet textures and patterns that make Roaming so distinctive. On top of that the site has a great purpose and message.

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